Remodeling Projects

With over 20 years in business, Robert Gary Builders, Inc. has completed dozens of residential remodeling projects around the Twin Cities, including basement remodeling, home addtions, bathroom remodeling, garage additions and kitchen remodeling.

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  • Bathroom Remodel<br><b style='font-size: 11pt;'>St. Paul, MN</b>
  • Townhome Remodel<br><b style='font-size: 11pt;'>Eden Prairie, MN</b>
  • Garage with a Green Roof<br><b style='font-size: 11pt;'>Minneapolis, MN</b>
  • Bathroom Remodel<br><b style='font-size: 11pt;'>New Brighton, MN</b>
  • Master Bath, Kitchen, Guestroom<br><b style='font-size: 11pt;'>Edina, MN</b>
  • Master Bath Remodel<br><b style='font-size: 11pt;'>Edina, MN</b>

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